10 breeds of small dogs with big hearts

Big dogs are good But small dogs are fine They tend to live longer. Can be carried and carried like teddy bear. And you can take them anywhere more conveniently. Just put it in a common bag. (Micro Dog) For a small dog, size may not matter. They are full of love and courage. Meeting these little dogs will not knock you down when they play with you.

1. Chihuahua

A dog as a companion can dance for us in our spare time. They love to step on their feet by standing on both feet and walking around. Chihuahuas have a deep emotional phase and are very emotional. So it's good to make them as happy as possible, and that will give us the right return. They have no problem biting. But they often grumble and only choose their opponents to be the bigger ones. (I'm really good) so go for a walk and put the strap on.

2. Shin Japan

This dog was made to be with the emperor. But they could also be with the civilians if they had to. They tend to make sounds with their nostrils and turn weird, often dancing with their hind legs. But they rarely bark. Hence, they are ideal for staying in an apartment. They are cute, have big eyes, and have personality traits you may not be able to take your eyes off of.

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3. Maltese

If you want a loyal dog Maltese one of the options you should look for. The dog was Marie Antoinette's pet, praised by Aristotle and worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. They are beautiful with pure white fur, they were bred in the early Roman period. They always need grooming and grooming. The Maltese is both very friendly, loyal and long-lived. So, prepare yourself for a lasting relationship.

4. Pomeranian

This little dog with fur covering his entire body is a celebrity, both on Instagram and YouTube. Millions of followers love This comes as no surprise since they have a cute personality. Combined with awkwardness, tilting his head, tilting his head, doubt, adding to the screams of fans. They were a bit shocked and barked well. Therefore, don't prank it often.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

They are intelligent dogs and have been specially bred to hunt rats. Therefore, they are suitable for tight spaces. They might not be great with kids all the time, but they're quite possessive. So you can't leave it alone for long. But if possible, don't leave them alone.

6. Pug

Their wrinkles are cute, round, small, bulging eyes in front of them. And honestly Who can resist Pug is really a family dog. But they usually emit a sound through the nose. Sometimes because of difficulty breathing They are great companion dogs. As long as you take good care of it. They will become a great companion.

7. Dachshund

They were bred to hunt badgers. So both noses The body is slim and the toes are close together. It was built to hunt and duck into small areas. If you don't have mezzanines around the house, be prepared that they will dig under the bushes. Or your gardening alternative to Dachshunds can be a bit aggressive if they're too busy with them. But if you train it well, but young This sausage dog will be a very good dog.

8. Shih Tzu

Little Dogs with big names Their name means Lion Dog, which has been a favorite of Chinese royalty in the past. They walked their glorious feet on the beds of nobles and kings. They are notoriously adorable. Long, bouncy hair That if you want to party You should have time to pay attention to its fur.

9. Toy Fox Terrier

This breed is sometimes called the Ameritoy because it is an ancient American breed. We can see it often on American television. They are bred to slip into a saddle pocket, then when you play anything, just drop them on the ground. They are as strong as an athlete. She can walk on her back and also likes to do weird tricks, don't believe it, take it out and observe their movements.

10. Welch Terrier

Welsh Terriers are mischievous and love to bark. So you should train it to socialize, but young If you want to avoid aggression But they are very friendly with people and have a square face. They make them look like cute Lego bricks, they have a nice mustache and beard. Gives the hipster look But they are still stuck on the ground And enjoy playing happily without regard for anything.