5 steps to take care of plants to have a green garden

The bonsai in the garden not only brings beauty to your home but it is also a place where we can relax in it when the stress and pressure of life.

However, to have a beautiful, clean garden space is not easy. If you only need to water and do not take care of the other steps, your garden will become dense bushes like dense forests. That is why Greenmore Vietnam will introduce to you 5 steps to take care of trees to have a green and clean garden.

5 steps to take care to always have a green garden

Step 1: Watering method for plants.

In watering plants you must know one thing, not all plants need a lot of water, plants need different amounts of water. For example, trees outdoors with well-lit images need more water than those in the shade, trees in this shade can also be watered every other day. In the rain, we do not need to water a lot of water, we just need to water it briefly to wash the leaves. Especially with the first rain bought often bring a lot of dust and acid.

In addition, the time of watering is also very important, in the morning we can water very deeply to ensure the plant has enough moisture. With big trees, we water slowly so that the water gradually penetrates to the roots of the plants. On hot days, we should water 2 times a day to prevent wilting.

2. Fertilize the plants on a monthly schedule.

The timing of fertilization is also very important, usually it will take place in 2 to 4 times. For large trees or lawns, it can be applied in 2 times (including one inorganic fertilizer and one organic fertilizer). For leafy trees and shrubs, we fertilize in 3 times (one inorganic fertilizer, one organic fertilizer and the last foliar fertilization). For flowering plants, we fertilize 3 times alternately, the first time we apply inorganic fertilizer, then organic fertilizer and foliar fertilizer. There is one thing we note, fertilization also needs to be in the correct dosage or it will lead to plant death.

Fertilizer can only be applied when it is cool after watering with enough humidity, usually we fertilize in the morning or cool afternoon.

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3. Prune garden plants.

Pruning is also a very important step to maintain the freshness of the tree as well as the beauty of each tree. For grass trees we can cut once a month. As for tall trees, we prune each time they grow and break the original false carbon shape of the tree.

In addition, every day, we have to cut off the yellow leaves as well as damaged branches to avoid infecting other branches and plants.

4. Preventing pests in garden plants.

If we do well step 3 (pruning trees in the garden) then this step we do is very simple. When the weather changes, this time pests and diseases begin to multiply, we have to spray pesticides. Note that when spraying pesticides, we must choose drugs with a guaranteed origin so that they do not affect people.

In addition, when ornamental plants in the garden are attacked by diseases, it is better to ask experts for effective prevention measures.

5. Diffuse or remove some large trees.

In the garden there are growing plants that limit the light of smaller plants. Therefore, we have to scatter some big branches or replace them with client trees to ensure other trees grow.

If we do the above steps well, we will always have a clean and fresh garden. We have a space to relax after stressful working times.