Printer failure error and How to fix it

When using an office computer you often wear some errors that sometimes you do not know how to handle it, there are some errors that people often make such as the printer cannot print, there are many When you wondered why the printer failed to print, you tried to check the cause of this error and how to fix it but still don't have any information.

So today I will list the reasons why your printer fails to print and give you the simplest steps to fix that error, everyone can take a few minutes to refer to my article.

Introduction and Fix printer failure

Below, I will tell you the causes of the printer failure to print documents and how to fix them.

Printer failure error and How to fix:

The printer is a very useful and popular device for printing and making copies from drafted document files, because of many technical characteristics related to the printer, when using public printers. Many people have a situation where they ask the printer to print the product, but it still cannot print the text.

So what is the reason why your printer or copier cannot print documents? It can be due to the following reasons:

+ The first reason: Because your computer has not installed the printer driver.

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If it is the first time using a computer, I am sure your copier will not be able to print because that computer has not installed drivers for your printer.

To check if your computer has been installed driver for the printer, do the following: First, right click on the folder "My Computer" -> Click "Manager" and then the dialog box " Computer Managerment is displayed, please click to select "Device Manager".

After completing the operations that I have requested above, you will have an image like this:

If you see yellow text but say the printer is the same as above, it means that the computer has not installed the driver for the printer.

Otherwise, you have installed the printer driver and can be used as usual.

Normally when you buy a printer you will be given a genuine driver disk with the printer attached, you just need to insert that disc.

If you don't have the disc attached or you accidentally lost the disc, you just need to look at your printer's modem and go online to find the driver to download and install.

+ The second cause: The wire between the computer and the printer is malfunctioning

Sometimes it may be because the cable connecting the computer and the printer is not intact due to the mouse bite, or it has been broken on the inside so it cannot print.

You should check the cable by unplugging and re-plugging it to see if it says anything on the computer? If you do not report anything, it is true that the cap is damaged.

Remedy: Go to buy, replace the new cap.

Printer failure error and How to fix it + Figure 3

If it is not caused by either of the above reasons, and your computer still cannot print, then you should try to reset your computer to try, or if you are not familiar with the printer, you do not know how to fix it. Fixing printers, the best advice we give to you is to rely on the help of technical staff specializing in printers.

Above are the available experiences that I have gathered from those who frequently make this mistake, if you have any problems or mistakes, please contact us, we will answer all your questions. for you.

Thank you for taking the time to refer to my article, I wish you success!